Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lesson Plan: Simple Machines

Last month I taught an awesome group of first and second graders about simple machines at one of our co-ops. After an introduction on simple machines, we split into groups and designed and built simple machines of our own using common craft materials and everyday objects. The kids loved working with their hands to put their newfound knowledge to immediate use.

It was a lot of fun researching (and drawing!) simple machines and making up a story to inspire our students to design their own machines. I've made my lesson plan available on TeacherPayTeacher:

Sally's Simple Machines
by Michelle Ristuccia

Another member of the co-op had this wonderful book which we read to introduce simple machines:

How Do You Lift A Lion? by Robert E. Wells

This gave me some time to (ahem) finish drawing and crossing all my T's in my new lesson plan. My lesson explains each of the 6 simple machines, but this book would still be a great supplement.

I've added this and other worksheets on a new collaborative Pinterest Board:

If you want me to add you to the board, send me a message.


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