Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Book Sneak Peak!

Say "Hi" to Charlie Cat!

I mentioned in another post that we have spent many years searching for Halloween books that were appropriate for our young kids - one of which is particularly sensitive to "scary" things. So, if you enjoyed that post, now is the perfect time to join my mailing list and check the "for children" option. Mailing list subscribers will be the first to have access to my upcoming book and free coloring sheets of Charlie Cat.

You see, Charlie Cat does not like Halloween.

Sensitive children are often misunderstood for the simple fact that they don't like scary things. My goal is not to shelter them from the entire world, but simply to respect them for who they are.

This picture book is for children who don't like scary things.

It's ok to not like scary things. There is no magic potion to drink to make you "brave."

It's important that our friends respect when we say "stop." It's important that they respect who we are, and that can be a difficult concept for young children. What better way to share this message than with a book?

Without further ado, here is a sneak peak of Charlie Cat!

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Happy Halloween!

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