Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: Snap Circuits Jr.

Today we broke out our Snap Circuits Jr. kit. I'm so thrilled with it, and I noticed that it appears to be on sale at [ Amazon ] right now!
The projects in the book have great explanations and illustrations, and follow a very logical progression and start simple, so it is like a 100 science lessons in one kit. I love how the board holds everything together so that it's easier for little hands that are still developing fine motor control.

Having just spent the day checking out different brick-and-mortar stores trying to find 1.5V bulbs and 1.5V motors for what I thought was a simple electronics project, I'm relieved to start with this instead. My 6.5-year-old will still want to build a simple robot one day, but maybe after we've both learned more of the principals behind the crazy DIY projects that require you to buy a 10 pack of flashlight bulbs on Amazon, and a five pack of this and that, until suddenly your cart totals far more than the $20 that this set costs right now

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