Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Nellie Nova Takes Flight at Learning Tangent Magazine

My review for Nellie Nova Takes Flight went live today at Learning Tangent: The Common Sense Homeschool Magazine!

Learning Tangent is an interfaith quarterly magazine that has been running since early 2014. Editor-in-Chief Gail Nelsen started this inspiring publication as a bridge between homeschoolers' various beliefs and faiths. Because in the end, we are all homeschoolers!

I'm excited to share Nellie Nova Takes Flight with both my readers and with the readers of Learning Tangent. Like Learning Tangent, Nellie Nova is something that all homeschoolers can get excited about: a book about and for homeschoolers, written by a homeschooler! And did I mention time travel and famous women scientists?

Nellie Nova Takes Flight

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