Caution: For Wacky People Only!

Free your imagination with 10 unlikely paintings. Will the dragon eat the peeping chick? Why is the alien riding a seagull? What do a tiger and a giant hand have in common? What can a dolphin do in outer space?

There are no wrong answers, so what are you waiting for? YOU tell ME a story!

Ages 6-99.

Nourish your child’s creativity with Narrator’s upbeat help.
Narrator shows students the parts of a story and helps students fill out brainstorming sheets similar to those used by adult writers. Includes silly black-and-white illustrations to color. Buy a hand bound, signed paperback for $11, shipping included.

Charlie cat loves Thanksgiving, but when noisy guests arrive, Charlie needs a quiet room. Find out how Momma Cat helps Charlie enjoy Thanksgiving.

Charlie Cat is a series of rhyming picture books for ages 0-8.

Buy a signed paper back for $13, shipping included, or buy on Amazon.

When Susie Dog scares Charlie Cat, Charlie uses his strong voice to tell her STOP. Find out how these two friends get along on Halloween. Charlie Cat is a rhyming picture book for ages 0-8.

Buy a signed paper back for $13, shipping included, or buy on Amazon.

In Sally's Simple Machines class project, help Sally move her dinosaurs by creating simple machines from everyday objects and common craft materials. Students learn about the six simple machines and design their own machines. Appropriate for individual student work as well as for a group activity.

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